How to Sign Up

You have the following options to sign up for the AXA End-to-End.  Participants must sign up in advance; there is no onsite registration on event day.

In Person

Advance registration will be held on the ground floor level of the new Washington Mall during the week prior to event day.   Registration for adults costs $50, and for youth (18 and under) is $30.

Online Registration

Using the box on the signup form you can:

  • Join as an individual (leave blank)
  • Start a team (type your new team name, you will be the team leader)
  • Join a team or school team (start typing the name and then select the team when it appears)

When you hit next, you'll be prompted to enter and confirm your credit card details and - that's it!

You can also sign up multiple participants (such as your family) in one transaction.  Before you finalise the payment confirmation page, click the link "Would you like to add another registration before paying? Click here". 

You may checkin for the event (and get your tshirt, etc.) on the ground floor level of the new Washington Mall from May 1-5 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Fun Raising Pages

At signup, you have the option to create a "personal fun raising page" where your friends, relatives, and colleagues may donate funds online to our charities to commemorate your effort.  Our system will email you when supporters donate in support of your effort.

If you are still using the browser you used to register you will already be logged in.  Otherwise, you can login (top right of website);  if you forget your password, you can reset it automatically from the login page.

If you are team leader, you can edit both your personal (2) and team (3) fun raising pages.  If you registered multiple participants at signup, you may edit their pages (2) too:

If you wish to change your email address or password, choose option (1).

You can edit your Fun Raising Page by selecting the "edit" link, allowing you to change your personal message, upload a personal photograph, change your fun raising goal, or change your team (among other tasks).  Pictures will automatically be scaled to fit the page.

Teams and Schools

Team members have customisable "personal fun raising pages" to raise pledges, and the team gets its own "team fun raising pages" showing the combined efforts of the members.  There are two options for signing up teams.

Option 1:  for smaller teams where individuals will pay their own registration fee, we recommend simply signing up online.  The first participant may choose to "start a team" and becomes a team leader.  Subsequent participants may choose to "join an existing team".  

Option 2:  for large teams and schools where a central administrator will coordinate the team members and collect their fees/pledges, we provide a special capability to allow the team leader to register their participants online but deliver the payments at the advance registration/checkin.  Please contact us for more information.