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In consideration of the organisers of this event permitting me to participate in the said pledge event known as “AXA End-To-End”, I, on my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs, executors or executrixes, administrators, successors, and assigns, hereby waive and release any and all claims, suits or actions for damages, loss, liability or injury which I may have against the organisers of this event, their successors, their executors or executrixes, volunteers, participants and all other persons in any way involved with the organising, sponsoring, operating, planning, controlling, directing or administering said pledge walk, cycle, swim, row and paddle and their respective heirs, servants, agents and assigns for any and all injuries and loss howsoever caused whether as a result of negligence or otherwise which I may sustain while participating in the AXA End-To-End on May 4, 2019 or any of the organised training sessions prior to May 4, 2019 or as result thereof. I agree to wear a helmet (if a cyclist) and a life vest (if a rower). As this event follows international SUP standards, everyone entering the paddle boarding event must use a safety ankle or calf leash – buoyancy vests are not required but are encouraged. By permitting me to participate, I authorise you to use my name, likeness, voice and words in television, radio, films, newspapers, magazines and other media in any form not heretofore described, for the purpose of advertising or communicating the charitable purpose and activities of the AXA End-To-End and in appealing for funds to support such activities. I confirm for on behalf of myself or the minor party on whose behalf I am signing this waiver, that the participant has the skills necessary to complete this event.

All youth participants require a signed waiver. If you are signing up at the kiosk please see an official now to collect a waiver form for signature by your parent or guardian. If signing up online, click here to download waiver.

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